As a professional genealogist, I can offer several kinds of genealogical researches. I can do your French genealogy on a number of generations to define together, I can help you solve the brick wall you have been hitting on for years, I can do the biography of a famous (or unknown) character…not

I do not charge the time I spend to do the research but only the results of the research. Therefore if I find absolutely nothing, you will not owe me the hours or days I will have spent on your research (fees such as gas, accomodation… are charged anyway). If I have incomplete results, you choose to purchase or decline the results. (see terms of sale)


You have hit a brick wall and you do not know how to get over it. Hiring a professional genealogist might be the solution. And remember, I charge the results, not the time I spent to do the research so you do not take too many risks (unlike with the other French genealogists who will charge the time they spend even if they find nothing…)


If you want to know who your ancestors were without having any research to do, this is exactly what you need. We define together the numbers of generations I will research, if you want your tree to be printed and/or to be sent by email… You must give me as much information as you have and at least one solid point to start with.

Please contact me to receive your quote.


For this kind of genealogy, I only focus on the ancestors who passed your name down. The number of ancestors to find is much smaller than for a complete genealogy and therefore the price is also much smaller!