If you have some difficulties deciphering or understanding French manuscripts, I can make a transcription of the text. I am very fond of paleography and I am a specialist of the texts from the 16th century until nowadays. I usually keep the spelling as it is written in the handwritten text but I can also transcribe into modern French for a better understanding. I am also able to translate what Google cannot translate, that is to say from old French into English. Here is an example of a death record of the 17th century from St-Maurice-sur-Eygues (Drôme) :

“Le huictiesme dudit mois de septambre annee 1684 est decedee Spirite Martin agee de septante anees munye de touts les sacremants, a esté ensevelie. Presents Marc et Jaques Gambus ses enfans illitérés et par moy L.Sauvand prebtre.”

This is how Google translates this text: “The ugliness of the said month of september 1684 is dead Spirite Martin, aged seventy years, with all the sacremants, was buried. Presents Marc and Jaques Gambus his illegitimate children and by mean L. Sauvant prebtre.”

This is how I would translate this text: “On the eighth day of September 1684 died Spirite Martin, aged 70, with all the sacraments, and she was buried (on the same day). Witnesses are Marc and Jaques Gambus, her illiterate children, and me L. Sauvant, priest.”

This example shows that you cannot rely upon Google to understand a text from Old French into English. Google says that September is ugly whereas it is just a lovely month, and worst of all, Google understands that the two children are illegitimate whereas there are illiterate and this is quite a huge mistake for those interested in genealogy ! So don’t trust Google Translate or any other automatical translator but trust a human being who knows what he is talking about.

Here are some pages I transcribed: