M.le Maire de B., July 2018: “Thank you for the seriousness in your work.“ (Translated from French)

Annick R., June 2018: “Mr Ladet is someone very kind, very porfessioanl, he helped a lot in my research even if at first I did not hope too much, but thanks to him, my family moved forward and got what was expected from justice. I will be grateful to him for life. Many thanks to you. Thanks, thanks, thanks.” (Translated from French)

Francisca D., June 2018: “You are simply the best! We quickly got the information we were looking for, documents we had a hard time finding ourselves. Thank you also for the warm welcome and advice.” (Translated from French)

Justin C., May 2018: “I truly appreciate all your assistance on this project. Couldn’t have done all this without your diligent assistance.  Much appreciated.

Thomas C., May 2018: “Jerome Ladet provides a wonderful service. He is quite competent and thorough. His attention to detail is quite remarkable. M. Ladet not only provides the raw information, but he also provides the context in which that information has meaning. Quality genealogy is more than simple dates and names. Good family history explains the context of the information. M. Ladet does that very well indeed.

Gabriel G., February 2018: “I found thanks to Jérôme Ladet a quick, complmete and satisfactory answer in an act absolutely illegible.

Anne M., January 2018“Translated, transcribed, and interpreted a document written in 1688 that required knowledge of occupations, location, and travel at that time. I was astonished as several historians in the U. S. had tried to read it to no avail. Thank you!” (Translated from French)

Sidonie M., Novembre 2017: “Where the impossible seems to be the answer, he finds the solution. Do not hesitate to contact him!!!“ (Translated from French)